The Problem of Applying The Martingale To Online Roulette

Given the fact that the martingale system is mathematically flawless but economically not very convenient (in short: is it really worth spending a lot of money to win so little?), Its application to online roulette IS NOT RECOMMENDED ! Why you ask is not recommended? Because online casinos are smart and to prevent this system that can sometimes be useful to play high overall wagering they set maximum betting limits on roulette that they are usually € 500 (but vary from casino to casino and table to table).

The anti martingale

This system involves behaving exactly in the opposite way compared to the martingale : when you lose, you double the amount bet by betting on the color opposite to the one you just bet ( i.e. you bet on the color just released ). When you win, you keep betting the same color until you lose.

This system in practice bets on color sequences, unlike the martingale system which bases its foundations on the hope that there are alternations.

The stupid anti martingale version

This system, really stupid and incredibly proposed by some roulette sites, is based on a somewhat strange concept: you double the amount bet when you win instead of when you lose.

You start playing and double up every time you win, but then when you lose the game ends and you start over. While this variant seems to allow big wins, on the other hand it is very stupid because, on balance, you are playing to lose a piece of roulette .

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